First Terrace Records

Bora - Noyée




First Terrace Records present the debut long player from French multi-dimensional/disciplinary artist/being Pauline Canavesio AKA Bora. Pauline is an artist engaged in the discovery of inner worlds. This is a journey with no defined destination, and a challenge with no definition of success. She travels it and accepts it with an incorruptible spirit.

It is one such inner world that we are plunged into when listening to Noyée - an album that swirls with dark, powerful currents, at once alluring and disorientating, a place explored with the knowledge that "there is no truth, only ever changing perceptions”.

Since being a part of Acud Macht Neu’s creative development program, Amplify Berlin, under the mentorship of Ziur (Planet Mu), she has emerged with an even stronger sense of her own creative vision.

This vision is broader than sound alone. Bora is one strand of Paulines creative universe, which harbours no distinction between mediums: paintings communicate with songs; 3D design mingles with performance; digital and physical entities are untethered & combined, occupying hyperreal new territories. The constant thread is the body - the container and it’s contents - internal & external experiences dancing together.

But amongst these numerous vehicles for expression, music is perhaps the most direct. So at a time when a surplus of emotion needed a new channel into the world, this album became a reservoir, a deep repository collecting a raw, unfiltered outpouring of feeling. This urgent gush of sound has since been channeled into the body of work that we hear on Noyée. It is music with a siren nature, in which beauty, desire and tragedy co-exist.