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Chihei Hatakeyama / Vida Vojiç - FTS002

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Chihei Hatakeyama / Vida Vojiç - FTS002


First Terrace return with the second instalment of our split series, an ongoing project which sees the work of two artists illuminated in each other’s light. Built on the acknowledgement that context alters perception, the light shone by the opposing track alters the shadow cast, the effect of the other.

In answer to the forked road presented by FTS001, we chose the quiet path*. As such FTS002 is a journey softly traveled. These pieces will not leave a scar on the sonic landscape, rather glide above the tips of the reaching leaves, high on a different mission.

Vida composed her pieces to be absorbed in complete darkness. They were exhibited as part of the project In The Dark in Berlin, 2016. The lack of visual stimulus enhances the listening experience, sharpens the ears. At the same time, the audience is made vulnerable, they cling to the sound as it is their only guide through this passage of time.

Chihei presents a new long form piece conjured with guitars and effected into abstraction. It is parallel in form to the ebb and flow of water over the margins of a beach, ever the same yet constantly renewed.