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Good News


Good News

by Joe Summers


First Terrace is proud to present Good news!, a new cassette release by label co-founder Joe Summer which sets London street preachers against a backdrop of beautiful ambient textures.

Summers explains that “the basis of the project is a personal curiosity in faith and how it manifests. That being said, the project takes a decidedly narrow view, choosing to focus on one manifestation of Christian faith (though not a practice reserved solely to Christianity) - street preachers.”

Divided into three parts - determined by the three monologues (recorded around the Elephant and Castle/Old Kent Road area on a pocket zoom microphone) - the thread that binds the music is a deliberately loose and improvisational approach, both in composition and tuning, which mirrors the weaving paths of the preachers message; constantly shifting in tone in an attempt to navigate and voice something intangible.

The tape is presented alongside photographs and a pamphlet, all taken and arranged by Summers. The photographs show the places where the preachers delivered their messages. The pamphlet is arranged from phrases and images cut from christian pamphlets and handouts. Sentences mingle and create new meanings... more


released October 4, 2017

Joe Summers: electronics, organ, guitars, bass, field recordings
Than Mason: cello
Alex Patterson: violin

All artwork and photos by Joe Summers, with the exception of the notation which was transcribed from the monologues by Ned French.

Thankyou to the preachers for the strength of their conviction and spirit.