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The Last Of England - live re-score (2019)

An experimental score for three improvisors, re-imagining Derek Jarman’s 80s masterpiece.

Commissioned by The Palace International Film Festival. Debuted at The Cube, Bristol on 15th March 2019 with Thomas Summers & Rosa Irwin-Clarke.

Event photos by Sophie le Roux //

Giving the wind a voice (ongoing)

Aeolian harps & aerophones as responses to environment. New languages for interacting with geography.

Feedback (ongoing)

Solo performances and group improvisations with systems of feedback. Explorations in vibration and resonance. The passing of waves through metal, wood, air, room and player.

Sensorium (2017)

group performance to an audience one

an exercise in trust, a ritual of care

Sophie Merrison, Eddie JS, Joseph Vaughan, Anne Cutter, Moa Johannson, Joe Summers

Review by Léann Herlihy -

A labour of love (2018)

a durational performance

brick, mud, hay, water, wood, patience

Jan Bilitewski, Karen Shipman, Joseph Vaughan, Joe Summers and others


Good news! (2017)

An exploration of devotion through London street preachers