First Terrace Records

Tree harps

Tree harps (or, just the tree of us)

Stefan Doepner & Joe Summers

The daily performance of a tree happens mostly behind the curtain – what we see on stage is the result of a long career of tiny unseen actions. Each one of these complex actions – overlapping episodes – is a delicate tour de force. In sharp contrast to the effortless grace of the tree, it’s two collaborators (Stefan Doepner & myself) spent the week clambering amongst it’s branches and making additions to it’s natural form. These (relatively) crude systems make metaphors for it’s functions or attempt to directly translate it’s movements.

The tree’s idiosyncratic structure dictates the shapes, lengths, frequencies, tones and all the practical (im)possibilities for noise making explored by the artists.

Produced by: Kud Obrat

Partner: Cirkulacija 2

Supported by: City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture and The Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD)